Focus on what we do have in our town

YET again the idea of banning traffic from Helston town centre is being discussed by town councillors.

The idea is often raised when people question what could be done to attract more people into the town and I can see the merits of the suggestion.

Redesigning the main shopping streets and encouraging cafes to ‘spill out’ onto the road, will allow street traders to operate in strategic positions and potentially give the town a boost.

Mayor Gillian Geer has made a plea for people to use their imagination and to come up with ideas to change how the public view Helston.

Glancing at comments on social media, the usual cries of “there is nothing in Helston” and “if there were decent shops in the town, people would come,” can be seen, although this may demonstrate that some people may have not spent enough time in our town recently.

Shops selling jewellery, clothing, furniture, pet food, books, flowers, sweets, phones, shoes, food, and antiques can be found, along with a host of bakeries, gift shops, restaurants, cafes, pubs, estate agents, takeaways, barbers and hairdressers. We also have national companies trading here such as Boots, Superdrug, The Factory Shop and Wetherspoons, plus the home hardware store Bowdens.

There is even more than that to see and use in the town and these should be promoted and celebrated. We should all use what we have rather than focus on what we feel may be missing,

If people continue to say: “There is nothing in Helston”, others will believe it’s true when that is not the case. Negativity feeds negativity and moaning about things often causes them to become reality.

Say that there are no reasons to visit Helston and you are creating reasons in peoples’ minds why they should not visit Helston.

I walk through our town every day and I know there is a lot to see and do and I encourage you to take a proper look around.

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