Should Flora Day be held on a Monday?

Calls to change the date of Flora Day have been heard from local residents suggesting the ancient festival should be permanently held on its traditional date of May 8 rather than the current method of moving the event to the previous Saturday, if the date falls on either a Sunday or Monday.

Flora Day was historically not held on a Monday due to the town’s market, yet with the market no longer operational some people think the celebration should be open to change.

Traditionalists may argue that we should respect ‘how it has always been done’ but critics may argue that with this approach the Children’s Dance would not have been introduced nor the re-introduction the Hal-an-Tow, which had been abandoned for several decades.

A further argument is that businesses and residents would need to decorate their properties on a Sunday, and should not be expected to work on a traditional day of rest. However, next year Flora Day will be held the day after the Bank Holiday Monday which negates the argument.

Over the years I have heard plenty of calls for Flora Day to be held on the closest Saturday, which would allow more people to attend. This method would allow people to enjoy the day without the need to book time off work while also giving Helstonians living further afield a better opportunity to return to the town. It would also reduce the negative impact on some local businesses who suffer from a midweek event. Another obvious benefit is that it would give those who take full advantage of extended opening hours in the local pubs an extra day of rest before returning to work.

As someone who wasn’t born in Helston and has only lived in the town for 30 years, my opinion on the subject obviously doesn’t count. Yet would changing the date make a difference to you?

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