Fire could have destroyed Guildhall

LAST week I reported on the attempted ram-raid of a Porthleven jeweller which was alarmingly followed by another serious crime a few days later.

Arsonists are thought to have set fire to newspapers in the toilets behind the Guildhall in Helston, an act which could have had devastating repercussions.

Thankfully, councillors were first on the scene and called the emergency services and firefighters quickly tackled the blaze ensuring relatively minor damage.

It is hoped that CCTV will be able to identify the perpetrators but if it was some sort of prank by people with nothing better to do, these people need to consider the potential tragedy that could have unfolded.

We are fortunate to live in an area where crimes of this nature are extremely rare, yet people are reminded to always be vigilant, on their guard and report any suspicious behaviour to the police.

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