Fears for local services over plans for 81 new homes

Residents of Ashton have given a mixed response to plans which could see the number of homes in the village increase by forty per cent.

There are currently approximately 130 homes in the village yet a total of 81 new homes have either already been approved by planners or are awaiting approval. Local people are divided between supporting the plans as they recognise a shortage of available homes, but are also concerned about a potential shortage of local services to deal with the extra numbers.

It is often said there is a shortage of homes to meet demand, yet this ignores the large number of unoccupied properties all across the country.

Although property owners have the right to decide whether their buildings are occupied, empty properties are adding to the necessity of new homes being built to feed the growing demand.

Cornwall has a large percentage of housing stock being used as holiday retreats and second homes, which has not only added to the shortage of homes available for local people but has also pushed the prices to a level that has made them unaffordable for many.

Instead of continuously granting permission for huge new housing developments perhaps the council can look into better utilising empty properties?

This could enable a better calculation of how many homes we really need to accommodate a growing population without creating further wastage.

A wider issue is the lack of investment in the infrastructure with no additional schools or doctors surgeries being built in the local area for decades.

Further afield, The Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro has issued numerous warnings of being unable to cope with the demand on its services and requested people do not attend A&E unless completely necessary.

Housing, population and services are each interlinked with their own issues that no one appears to be addressing and creates a huge problem for future generations.

Each small measure of neglect today will stack up to a huge problem tomorrow. Yet since when has any council shown the ability to have any forethought about the issue?

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