Family bakery unveils ‘world’s first’ gluten free Cornish pasty

A family bakery has launched what it claims is the world’s first official gluten free Cornish pasty.

The Good Food Bakery is the first to offer an entirely gluten free pasty which carries the Cross Grain symbol and certified by Coeliac UK.  The Helston-based baker – which supplies gluten free pasties from its brand new specialist premises – spent more than four years developing the pastry and uses a range of secret ingredients.

Owner Mark Rudd, 42, said: “Gluten free is a rapidly growing sector and we spotted a gap in the market for a officially certified and great tasting Cornish pasty. After baking pasties for our customers for many years, more and more people were asking if we could supply them without gluten. Many people can’t eat gluten and one of the things they miss is pastry, so we wanted to give them back the traditional food they love whether it’s a steak, vegetarian or cheese Cornish pasty.”

Gluten is a protein in wheat, barley and rye that’s found in foods containing flour, and a prominent feature in most breads, pastas, cereals, pastries, cakes and biscuits.  For some people a gluten free diet is not a lifestyle choice but a medical necessity. The number of people diagnosed in the UK with coeliac disease – a digestive condition where a person has an adverse reaction to gluten – affects one in 100 people but only 24 per cent of people are diagnosed. Many people opt for gluten free foods in a bid to avoid bloating or as part of a weight-loss regime.

“We have spent the last four years finding the right ingredients and perfecting a technique to make a pastry that does not crumble – a common complaint around gluten free products,” said Mr Rudd. “After rigorous testing, we felt we had perfected the consistency and taste so decided to open a brand new bakery specialising in delivering gluten free, wheat free and dairy free products across the UK. By working closely with Cornwall Council and obtaining the official Crossed Grain product certification, we’re confident this is the world’s first officially certified gluten free Cornish pasty.”

All of the bakery’s handmade pasties are blast frozen and vacuum packed in a specialist kitchen to retain maximum freshness. The company has received interest from all over the country from individuals, cafes and manufacturers interested in the certified range.

To celebrate their official launch, staff from the bakery hit the streets of Falmouth to invite the public to try the new range. Holidaymaker Jan from Scotland said: “The taste is delicious. We’re trying to go gluten free as a family, so something like this is great.” Hannah from Falmouth added: “It’s very tasty, I really enjoyed it!”

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