European recycling witnessed

READERS have shared their own experiences on the menace of plastic waste following last week’s article highlighting the Surfers against Sewage Big Spring Beach Clean event.

This column focused on how the UK’s failure to recycle plastic bottles left us lagging behind many other countries, with a mere 50% recycling rate against an impressive 95% in some countries.

One reader who had recently returned from Finland said she had “observed customers in one supermarket loading recycling units with bottles and cans and receiving vouchers in exchange, which they duly cashed. On observing this I felt the need to place a rant on Facebook to Asda, Tescos about what I had observed and why in the hell aren’t we doing the same. Forget your loyalty card schemes, which amount to nothing anyway, and replace them with a real incentive, cold hard cash, which will no doubt get spent back in their shop, but which ultimately does a wonderful thing for our environment.”

Included with the message was a photograph of shoppers using the recycling units.

Surely implementing such a simple and effective measure in the UK would make a huge difference to an escalating problem? Failing to act on this critical issue makes me question both the retail industry and government’s rhetoric on a supposed commitment to the environment.

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