Driver lands himself in jail

RESIDENTS of Sanctuary Lane in Helston were left startled when a speeding car flew through the air and slammed into a historic jail.

Many people noted the irony of the incident when the driver literally landed himself in a cell following the incident.

A tweet from Police Sergeant Paul Freestone read: “Nice insurance, no licence. Ironically crashed into the old Helston Jail!! Now in a much newer one. 😉 #csectionatitagain”. In a later tweet, the opening had changed from “nice insurance” to “no insurance”.

The Old Prison dates from 1837 and is on the town’s heritage trail and is now part of a private house.

The incident has provided an opportunity to highlight an issue that has concerned me for some time; the high speed of some vehicles along Sanctuary Lane.

Living close to the lane I regularly witness fast moving vehicles when pulling out of my drive. On more than occasion I have been forced to yank my son to safety while walking along the narrow lane, which brought back memories from childhood when I was clipped by cars several times.

The route is a well-established shortcut for drivers looking to avoid traffic on Clodgey Lane, which I admit to have used on many occasions before moving to the area.

However, I now realise the lane is also used as a shortcut by pedestrians too, which can be dangerous as there are no pavements on either side of the road except for one small section.

I gently encourage motorists to show more responsibility and use the road with greater awareness and consideration.

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