Dogging? Not in our lay-bys please

A further dog-related incident (of a different kind) I recently experienced was when I was approached by a lone person while using a layby near Falmouth.

In between visiting customers of the Advertiser, I stopped to use the toilet facility at a layby and couldn’t help but notice several people suspiciously walking around.

Imagine my surprise when one man walked over and asked if I was shy, before he beckoned me to join him behind a hedge.

Local authority turns blind eye to daytime sex in public places

After quickly making my excuses and leaving, I watched from a distance as another person accepted his invite and they both walked off out of view, which caused a moment of realisation of what happens at this location.

Feeling concerned, I spoke to the man running the nearby food van who explained that it is a well known meeting place for strangers to meet up and engage in sexual activity.

Walking back to my car I was appalled to see a used condom not discarded properly.

I couldn’t help but think that if this is a well known site for this type of activity which can involve breaking several laws such as indecent exposure, public lewdness and gross indecency, and it takes place in broad daylight, why the heck aren’t the local authority doing anything to stop it?

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