Culdrose welcomes boxing champions

RNAS Culdrose welcomed two former world champion boxers to the air station to support the Royal Navy Royal Marine Interregional Boxing Championships 2017.

The prestige event offered personnel the chance to develop boxing skills while offering the opportunity to compete as part of the Royal Navy’s boxing development programme. If selected, boxers can have the opportunity to progress and represent their region in the future.

LPT Goulding said: “Boxing optimises so many of our core values here at RNAS Culdrose, from grit and determination to courage and being stealth. By keeping fit and encouraging participation in sport our personnel can complete their roles effectively and to the best of their ability.”

The competition took place over the course of a week with 36 boxers competing to take part in the final under the watchful eyes of a large crowd and two guests of honour – professional boxers Chris Eubank and Glen McCrory. One participant said it was “an honour and a privilege” to box in front of two champions, and that they had “helped to inspire attendees on the day”.

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