Coronation Park set for £300,000 of improvements

A POTENTIAL jewel in the Helston crown is to receive a makeover after a local community group agreed to take over a lease and secure funds for improvements.

South Kerrier Alliance has taken a 99-year lease on Coronation Park along with receiving £120,000 from the council as part of the transfer of responsibility.

A further £55,000 of funding has been contributed by Helston Downsland Charity and along with plans for extra funding, the group will have generated around £300,000 to spend on improvements.

As new owners the alliance will now be responsibe for the Old Cattle Market car park, skate park, play area, toilets and the lake itself as well as becoming landlord of the Lakeside Cafe.

Many people will remember how dirty and unkempt this area became after decades of under-investment. The play equipment was in desperate need of repair and bordering on dangerous, and a small shack selling ice creams sat and coffee alongside a desolate Cattle Market and car park, the latter frequently used by boy racers performing hand brake turns.

The only noticeable change was the introduction of the skate park which included a few ramps inside a former tennis court.

Thankfully, the area has since been transformed into a relaxing location with a more open, clean and family friendly space. The former Cattle Market building is now a multi-use facility used by businesses and the community, plus the cafe with glass walls overlooks redesigned gardens and a purpose built skate park. I look forward to the further improvements the alliance can make with this money.

One tip for for the new owners: if you want to make cost-efficient changes, stay well clear of those involved in the town’s Grylls Monument project.

Photo: Boating Lake at Dawn by Jake Riding Photography.

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