Busy month for MP with Coverack floods and royal visit

July has been a busy month. Tuesday the 18th and Wednesday 19th will be remembered by most. On the 18th the floods came to Coverack and on the 19th, whilst all eyes and effort focused on the aftermath, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall came to visit Porthleven. In Coverack the hail, rain and subsequent flooding was largely unexpected, the Royal visit to Porthleven came as a result of months of planning. Both events showcased the best of West Cornwall’s community spirit.

The extent of the damaged caused to the roads, lanes, businesses and homes was shocking and the response to the devastation by residents of Coverack, Cornwall Council, Cormac and Environment Agency and many others has been fantastic.

I visited Coverack early Wednesday morning and went back to the village after the royal visit. The sheer amount that everyone had cleared up in that time was incredible. It was equally remarkable that the road was reopened within 6 days of the flash flood.I want to assure residents of my continued commitment to help ensure that those undertaking the repair work have what they need. There is still work to be done, some of which has been deliberately postponed until after the summer season for good reason. However, this is not over until repairs are completed and residents are welcome to contact me if they have any concerns.

Promoting Cornish goods to new markets is something I’ve taken great pleasure in and I was delighted to welcome His Royal Highness and the Duchess of Cornwall to our ‘trade’ event in Porthleven. We were able to bring examples of the best of local producers from West Cornwall together with London buyers, this time in Porthleven – last year I hosted a similar event in the Palace of Westminster. The objective of holding this event was to focus attention on the opportunities that exist to expand our ‘export’ market. We make such fantastic things. The Royal visit helps to celebrate and promote the incredible Cornish brand and I know that new conversations have started with London buyers as a result of this event.

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