Business owner allays closure fears

A HELSTON business owner is reassuring customers that it is ‘business as usual’ even though her shops have gone up for sale.

April Claire, owner of The Craft Box at Church Street and a second branch in Penzance, has responded to concerns that the business was set to close after a for sale sign went up in a window at the premises. Ms Claire explained that she was selling both businesses as a going concern due to family reasons.

She said: “I have thought long and hard about whether to address this publicly but people have started to notice the sign in the window and I don’t want anyone to worry about the future of The Craft Box. After an amazing two years setting up and running the shops, I have decided to put the businesses on the market. They are available as working businesses and not just the premises so there is nothing to worry about in respect to any visits you have planned, hopefully the shops will be here for many years to come.”

Mrs Claire explained that as mother to a one-year old daughter and after recently losing a baby, she feels that she needs the support of her family who live in the Midlands.

She added: “Between working over and above full-time hours as well as running a second store, juggling nursery runs and evening bookings as well as the normal household things, I feel it has grown a little too large for me to be able to manage it all properly. Whoever decides to take on The Craft Box Helston or The Craft Box Penzance, or both, as their own will be a very lucky person as we have such a loyal and lovely customer base. It is a wonderful lifestyle business.”

For more information on the business, contact Scott Burridge Commercial on 07825 735465 or email

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