Best foot forward for Helston podiatrist

A leading local podiatrist has changed his step and decided to focus on helping people with their lower limb joints, bones and muscles.

Stephen Bloor, owner of Cornwall Podiatry at The Angel Centre at Tyacke Road, has helped people take care of their feet and legs for the last 30 years.

He built up the practice and has provided a complete footcare service, including biomechanics, nail and skin care, nail surgery and many other services.

However, recent eye surgery has left him with a slight blur in one eye restricting the detailed vision needed to see fine details on patients’ feet which has led to him taking a step back from the chiropody side of the business whilst recovering.

Stephen said: “I noticed some blurriness to the sight in my left eye which turned out to be an issue at the macula which provides the sharp, central vision we need for seeing fine detail. Although this has no impact on my musculoskeletal podiatry work and my level of attention and care to assisting people with joint and lower limb issues, it does mean that for the time being, another member of our team will be taking over all of the chiropody work within the practise.”

“…given me the opportunity to concentrate on another of my passions, musculo-skeletal work…” 

“Although I am not able to see patients with skin and nail problems at the moment, it has given me the opportunity to concentrate on another of my passions, musculo-skeletal work, where I have been privileged to have helped thousands of patients over the last 30 years.”

Musculo-skeletal conditions have many causes and can affect the joints, bones and muscles. There are more than 200 musculoskeletal conditions which affect 1 in 4 of the adult population.

Treatment is focused on functional improvement and postural correction using a combination of stretching and strengthening exercises, manipulation of joints and tissues, insoles and low-level laser therapy.

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