The Beehive Beyond the Thunderdome

IT IS disappointing to see such a radical change to the frontage of The Beehive pub in Helston to something that could have come from the Mad Max films.

The Beehive, which had been known as Riley’s Bar before its closure, was recently sold at auction to an out-of-county developer which leaves its future uncertain.

One of the first alterations since the sale was to secure the property to presumably deter potential squatters. Although understandable, critics (including myself) would argue it is excessive to construct a medieval iron structure on the front of the pub. This pub is in Cornwall not a ghetto, so I’m not quite sure what anyone presume may happen to the premises without the added security measures.

For me, it is an eyesore and harmful to the aesthetics of the town. It is also disappointing to see after all the time and expense that has been put into improving the cosmetic appearance of the streets.

Hopefully it will not be long before the new owners decide what to do and implement their plans which will hopefully be in keeping with the rest of the town.

In the meantime, you know where to take your family if society breaks down and Mel Gibson starts roaming the streets.

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