Another needless road “improvement” causing driver anger and frustration

In a continuing theme for this column, road planners have yet again left me confused with a poorly planned alteration to a road in Helston.

The stretch of road alongside Truscott’s car dealership and opposite Meneage Street Surgery has seen a single yellow parking line replaced with parking bays; causing traffic delays and is highly inconvenient for motorists.

When cars are parked in the new bays the road bottlenecks at the end nearest town preventing motorists being able to travel in both directions. Drivers approaching the direction of the Spar store must wait until no cars are approaching from the opposite direction before attempting to pass.

Being a busy route within the town, the alteration means motorists often have to wait for long periods for gaps to appear before they can begin the manoeuvre, and if a car transporter is delivering to one of the garages, it becomes utter chaos.

The hazard is much worse around school run time; I sat in a line of traffic for five minutes during one day last week. Furthermore, the length of the bays coupled with the curvature of the road make it difficult for drivers to gauge when it is clear to proceed.

These new ‘improvements’ may also have a detrimental effect to the long-standing issue at Cross Street, with drivers using the road as a rat-run to bypass the town centre. I found myself using Cross Street more recently to avoid the delays at the top of the town, which adds to a problem the council considered serious enough to implement a temporary traffic priority alteration last year.

Although I have never investigated the qualifications or skill requirement to secure a job at the council’s traffic planning department, I am beginning to suspect they recruit from the nearest primary school reception class.

Perhaps the council could have spent the money instead on making repairs to the replica of the lunar surface on Station Road, which seems determined to ruin my car suspension.

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