An accident waiting to happen?

I have to question the competence of Cornwall Council’s Highways and Transport department following complaints of another poorly designed new road layout.

The Treluswell roundabout near Penryn was redesigned last year at great cost to the taxpayer, yet many motorists are claiming the new layout is an accident waiting to happen. Having experienced two near misses myself in just one week, I have to agree.

For some unknown reason, the exit off the roundabout towards Truro has two lanes which merge into a single lane almost immediately. Even worse, the entry to the roundabout from the Helston direction has two lanes with one allowing a left turn towards Ponsonooth, and the other allowing motorists to turn right towards Penryn. However, both lanes display forward facing arrows to allow motorists to exit towards Truro.

Some drivers use this as an opportunity to overtake, which often results with two stubborn drivers set on a collision course.

The changes have also made it confusing for motorists entering the roundabout from the Redruth direction. Drivers now find that cars approaching from the right now cross their path when previously only those on the inside lane were allowed to do so.

Sadly, I’m not surprised at the council’s poor attempt at traffic improvements as they seem to regularly attempt to fix problems that don’t exist. The recent traffic calming scheme at St John’s in Helston could be regarded as another low point for planners.

The council will often blame cuts to essential services on a lack of funds. Yet how do they seem to find the money to throw at ill-conceived ideas dreamed up by incompetents?

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