Could abandoned car park be key to town regeneration

MY daily commute to the Advertiser office involves driving through the Trengrouse Way car park – a place seldom used by most motorists.

I doubt the local council is raising much revenue from the space which perhaps could be better used to solve more urgent local issues.

The land is clearly ripe for redevelopment and large enough to accommodate a reasonable number of houses and/or flats and I am certain many developers would love to get their hands on a site so close to the town centre. As an added bonus to help boost local trade, the council could even retain a section to allow shoppers to continue parking for a reduced fee.

It was previously suggested that the town council should buy local car parks from the county council and offer reduced-price parking to help compete against free parking at local supermarkets.

Could it be worth our local council investigating a complete purchase of the site and selling a section for residential development and offering the rest of the space as one-hour free parking for shoppers?

This could provide a much-needed cash injection to the county council and raise more money than they would ever raise from years of parking charges.

Furthermore, such a plan could contribute to reducing the local housing crisis while providing businesses in the town a huge boost from an increase in trade, thereby securing their future and thus business rates for the county council. An additional benefit for the county council would be extra council tax from the new houses.

The proposal may also include redevelopment of the shabby and crumbling former supermarket building, which has become a stain on the landscape and shows no signs of being re-opened or redeveloped.

The whole area has undisputedly become tired, rundown and shabby. If redevelopment is not the answer, what is?

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