Culdrose launches Citizenship for Life mentoring scheme

RNAS Culdrose has launched a new scheme that aims to inspire and motivate young people who have experienced challenges during their lives.

Citizenship For Life is award-winning programme that raises young people’s self- esteem, confidence and encourage career aspirations. The 12-month scheme kicked into action at a special launch day that included new mentor Lieutenant Nick Medlicott.

Participants enjoyed a full day of activities and encouraged the mentors and mentees to interact as they met for the first time.  The morning was spent in the sports hall taking part in team building games, followed by an afternoon at the fire station shooting a fire hose at practice targets.

The group will take part in monthly activities including a visit to Channel 4’s River Cottage in Devon to learn about sustainability, and a trip to Brighton to visit a homelessness charity. The group will also visit the Houses of Parliament to talk about national decision making and democracy.

Toby Hines

Toby Hines founded the Helston Advertiser in 2000 and is a passionate supporter of local businesses. He is a big believer in health and wellness and likes to begin most days with a walk around Helston with his Golden Retriever or an hour in the gym. A father of three, he is happiest when spending quality time with the family.

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