Coverack residents show resilience

THE REMARKABLE resilience of Coverack residents has been demonstrated in Coverack after the village was devasted by a flash flood two weeks ago.

Four inches of rain fell in under three hours causing unprecedented damage to homes, businesses and roads in the village. One of the most significant areas of damage was to the main road into the village which was ripped apart and forced to close to traffic. However, just six days later it was re-opened after the local community and partners worked hard to ensure that Coverack opened for business in time for the peak summer season.

The council deserve to be applauded for their response after organising a team of Cormac workers to help clear several tonnes of debris from the road before laying a total of 530 tonnes of base and surface layers within days.

Environment Agency Field Services staff were also in the village clearing debris from watercourses to reduce the risk of any further flooding and assisted the council with the wider recovery operation. Staff reported that pollution problems caused by the flood damage were resolved, which paved the way for the bathing waters to be re-opened. Although further work and support is needed, the village is very much open for business due to the hard work of so many people. It makes me proud of our county and the people living and working here.

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